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Arquivet Pet Toothpaste Set 100g

Arquivet introduces a new product to prevent dental plaque and tartar in dogs: the mint-flavored & Strawberry toothpaste. This toothpaste is ideal for improving oral hygiene and helps maintain fresh breath of pet.

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Detail Information

Weight 0.25 kg

Mint, Strawberry

Country of Origin

Hong Kong

Directions for use: Apply the toothpaste to your dog’s toothbrush or a clean gauze wipe. Carefully brush or rub around your dog’s teeth, but not more than twice a day. If your dog is not used to having his teeth brushed, introduce him to the taste and sensation by rubbing his teeth and gums gently with a small amount of the toothpaste. The usage of the toothpaste is harmless, even if your dog swallows it. Facts about dental care: Brushing the dog’s teeth is a very effective way to prevent plaque and tartar. Choosey dogs should get used to toothpaste by applying toothpaste on a dog cookie. The next step is to apply the toothpaste directly on the dog’s teeth and gums. Please start carefully to massage the flews before you finally start to brush the dog’s teeth.

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