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Double Size Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Comb, Various Size


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  • Made with premium stainless steel, round and gentle teeth for scratch-proof, very durable, and smooth. Effectively remove loose hair, dander & dirt trapped beneath fur.
  • Ideal for all size dogs and cats, also perfect for fur products like a fur rug, sheepskin rug, etc.
  • Dense teeth + wide teeth design-Dense teeth comb the fur smooth, wide teeth remove tangles, mats, knots, loose hair, etc.

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  • High Quality & Comfortable: Made of high-quality stainless steel metal material, the head of the brush has a dot design, so the brush will not hurt the pet’s skin. Besides, it is strong and resistant to corrosion, durable, anti-rust, and can avoid static electricity when used, easy to carry.
  • Multi-function: This comb can break the tangles and prevent the fur from coming off; comb and remove dead skin, effectively remove the scattered hair, dandruff and dirt under the fur, and very curly hair, giving pets a healthy skin and shiny appearance, creating the fluffy shape of the pet.
  • Double-tooth Design: This dual-purpose cat comb has wide and narrow fixed teeth. The sparse comb teeth can loosen the tangled hair and are suitable for combing large areas of fluffy hair. Thick comb teeth can comb the soft hair of eyes, ears, and legs. These combs can not only comb the hair but also massage pets to promote their blood circulation.
  • Suitable for All Pets: The dog brush for short-haired dogs is ideal for all short and long hair dogs, cats, rabbits, and so on. Easy to carry and use. Please do not use this pet steel comb on wet hairs, because if there is no fur cushion, it may hurt the skin. Dog combs are really effective on dry fur.

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