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Large 3 Tier Cat Cage / Indoor House with 3 Doors, Various Color


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Size: Length 76cm x Width 50cm x Height 133cm

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Black, Green, Pink

It comes with an easy-to-slide ladder, so even kittens and elderly cats can use it easily. Roof to prevent flying out A roof is attached to prevent cats from flying out. Environmentally friendly paint, wear-resistant and rust-resistant, healthy and safe. Special floor slab, widened and thickened, comfortable and comfortable. Movable latch, firm and stable, portable switch.

  • SIZE: Length 76cm x Width 50cm x Height 133cm
  • Usually, it can be used on the first floor, and if the number of residents becomes larger and larger, it can be added to the second section, arranged happily, and can be played happily.
  • The epoxy resin coating is not easy to rust, is durable, has excellent wear resistance, and can be used for a long time. 
  • The steel wire is made of strong and durable—the light steel wire is used, the surface epoxy resin is baked at a high temperature, the surface gloss is good, the protection is strong, and the texture is good.
  • Plus broadband slot with the padded platform – high-quality health thickening, separator material selected PP resin, thick groove design, strong bearing capacity, rectangular, triangular to make the cat rest comfortable and safe.
  • No floor design – eliminates the lack of cat sports, independent floor, no floor design, saves space, and meets the cat’s love jumping nature, can effectively keep the cat comfortable, eliminate the problem of insufficient movement in the cage, and leave space for the owner DIY.
  • The spacious space is not constrained by the fact that it is convenient to raise more than one animal, and the loose size to use makes the space free. If the cat is not used to the cage, it is recommended to put something the cat likes.
  • Each floor is designed to open the door – convenient for daily operation. Each floor has an independent door opening. At the same time, we have specially designed the bottom door to make it easier to prevent the cat toilet and other related items.
  • The knob-style door is not easy to get dirty, and all layers are equipped with doors, which is convenient for taking out the cat or taking out the items.
  • The wide shelf board can be stretched, and there is a spacious shelf board, which can let the cat relax. Due to the sufficient size, the shelf can be placed on the cat bed and toys.
  • Bottom separable design – easy to zoom in on objects, with upper and lower separable design, making large objects and daily cleaning easier, while saving space and increasing the actual space height, cats move freely.

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