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Pet Row Comb Large Dense Double ~ teeth Open Knotted Hair Brush

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  • Size: 19cm*5.5cm
  • Removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt. Stimulates skin and hair follicles.
  • Perfect for finishing and fluffing

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  • Size: 19cm*5.5cm
  • Round blunt comb teeth: The needle tip is rounded and passivated, combined with the smoothness of the stainless steel material, which effectively prevents the hair from tangling, the hair is smooth and shiny, and effectively removes the hair, dander and dirt under the fur
  • Dual use: Pet comb is divided into two parts: sparse comb teeth and compact comb teeth, corresponding to different parts of combing pet hair, wide teeth can be used to comb knotted fur, and dense teeth can be used to comb eyes Soft hair near the fine hair of the ears and legs.
  • Stainless steel material: smooth surface without burrs, smooth combing hair, durable, easy to penetrate into the inner layer of the hair, the needle tip is rounded and passivated, which does not hurt the pet’s skin
  • Lightweight and portable: Easy to carry and practical.
  • How to use: Combing hair should be combed quickly in the direction of the hair, starting from the neck, from front to back, from top to bottom, that is, from the neck to the shoulder, then back, chest, waist, back, then Comb the head, then the limbs and tail, comb one side and then the other
  • Suitable for all short-haired and long-haired dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.

Note: Please do not use this pet steel comb on wet animals, because if there is no fur cushion, it may hurt the skin

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