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Tick Stop Power 150g

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Type of powder used to prevent and eliminate fleas and ticks.

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Product details of [1 bottle] Tick Stop Powder Dog flea removal powder 150g
Type of powder used to prevent and eliminate fleas and ticks.
Use abseiling on dogs.
With Thailand FDA registration No. 935/2555) safe for pets.

How to use

1. Shower the pet and then tie or tether in the cage. Or a confined area to prevent the powder from spreading easily And should wear a muzzle to prevent dogs from licking or swallowing powder (Including those sprinkling, it should be beautiful. Gag and nose. And wear gloves before proceeding with) then sprinkle the powder onto the pet’s body. And smooth all over the skin And focus on the prong area of ​​the foot, leave for 1 hour or longer Therefore bring the dog to brush the hair so that the flea tick falls off Then rinse the dog again so that the ticpto remains on the dog
2. In the case of a dog cage too Move to an area that is not spreading, then sprinkle the powder around and inside the cage to get rid of fleas that may remain and will return to the dog for 1 hour before cleaning the cage. And then allow the dog to enter normally
3. When finished from use Must hurry to wash hands and cleanse the body And change to new clothes immediately. Note – Can be used repeatedly every week. To prevent it from repeating Or sprinkling the floor or houses where animals live To get rid of insects or parasites to no longer disturb – not suitable for sick or weak dogs or pets, or dogs that are pregnant or breastfeeding – read the details on the side of the bottle before use

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