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Munznie MS010: Munchy​ Rolls Milk Flavor 25pcs


Naturally Produced from a factory that has been certified to ISO 22000 for food safety, GMP and HACCP standards, with clean and quality premium cowhide Without flavoring and color So that dogs can enjoy a safe bite.

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Munznie MS010: Munchy​ Rolls Milk Flavor 25pcs is made from 100% premium quality chicken from leading farms that are clean and safe. Through the drying process with modern innovation in a standard factory. The production formula has been developed and controlled by a highly experienced nutritionist. Thus being able to maintain the nutritional value of chicken fully has a delicious aroma without additives, smells and flavors Including all kinds of preservatives.
• High in protein, low in fat, naturally calcium, vitamins and minerals.
• Friendly to the digestive system and absorption therefore suitable for dog health maintenance with delicious taste and the smell of real chicken meat.
• Can be eaten in conjunction with the main meal It is a useful snack. Or use it as a great reward when training your dog. / Giving your dog a snack for pleasure / To polish your dog’s teeth


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