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BOW WOW Mixed Snack 150g


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BOWWOW Mix dog snack is a soft food made from completely natural ingredients (raw meat), meeting the regulations on food hygiene and safety. In particular, chicken is a high-quality food with high nutritional value, containing a lot of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Salmon is rich in protein, minerals and low in fat.

Bow Wow mixed dog snack with chicken and salmon as the main ingredient, is a nutritious, protein- and mineral-rich snack for dogs, helping to supplement essential nutrients for growing puppies. development and mother dog anorexia after giving birth. Snacks are loved by both dogs and cats.

  • For all breeds of dogs of all ages and weights
  • Reduce the rate of bad cholesterol in the serum, prevent obesity
  • Ingredients: Chicken, salmon, vegetables, cheese, calcium, seaweed (brown seaweed), wheat, soybean fiber
  • An essential nutritious snack for the development of puppies and mother dogs with anorexia after giving birth
  • Extend pet’s life, improve liver function
  • Suitable for training and making treats for dogs
  • No harm to heart and kidneys thanks to low salt content
  • Can be used for both dogs and cats
  • Fresh ingredients, suitable for all breeds, ages, weights

Nutritional supplements, make pets happier and easier to train

In addition, the BOWWOW Mix mixed dog cake SSnack also provides pets with vitamins A, B, and D that are good for the eyes, minerals such as calcium, and iodine that are good for bones. Cheese is extremely beneficial for the digestive system, supplementing nutrition for mother dogs and puppies. Wheat, vegetables, brown seaweed, and soybean fiber are rich in fiber and good for the body. The product creates a sense of appetite, helping the pet to be more excited during training.

Hygienic, safe processing method, delicious taste, low salt content

With the leading semi-moist food processing technology, BOWWOW Mix mixed dog snack retains the amount of water in the food, does not contain much salt, and does not contain harmful preservatives. The product is therefore flexible, easy to chew, easy to digest, and suitable for both dogs and cats of all ages.

Good for the dog’s health, preventing disease, prolonging life

BOWWOW Mix dog snack has the effect of reducing the rate of bad cholesterol in the serum, preventing obesity, not harmful to the heart and kidneys thanks to its low salt content, good for the digestive system, minimizing the odor of feces, improving liver function, help pets prolong life.

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